The bridges, the lagoon, the phenomenon of “acqua alta” (high tide) are just some of the many attractions that lead millions of people to spend their holidays in Venice.

From our apartments you can reach the nearby St. Mark’s Square in just a few minutes, which is the real heart of the city; it will certainly be a pleasure for you to walk down the alleys, across the many different bridges and stop from time to time to admire the local handicraft items skilfully displayed in the windows of the several local shops.

Before arriving at St. Mark’s Square, the white Rialto Bridge is definitely worth seeing: from it you can enjoy the view of the many water buses and gondolas sailing the Grand Canal below.  
In St. Mark’s Square, a visit to the Basilica, a real architectural masterpiece of rare beauty and international importance, is a must.

The Doge’s Palace is just adjacent to the square and is certainly worth a visit, as well as the famous Prisons, which can be reached by walking across the Bridge of Sighs.

In the evening, if you have the chance, you can go for a romantic gondola ride with your partner or take one of the water buses sailing down the Grand Canal. The following day you can visit the two most famous islands of the lagoon: Murano and Burano, both of them stunningly beautiful.

Murano is famous worldwide for gorgeous handmade glass artworks: you will have the chance to visit the workshops where the master glass blowers will be proud to show you their working skills. The famous Arsenal of Venice is also worth a visit, a city in the city, the place where the typical ships of the “Serenissima” used to be built, the glorious Republic that dominated the international trade for centuries.
But that’s not all: Venice is an open-air museum, in every “campo” (small squares) you will find a church, all of them rich in history and embellished with paintings, statues etc. by famous artists.

There are also international museums of modern art such as the “Peggy Guggenheim” collection, “Palazzo Grassi”, which hosts the most important exhibitions, or the venue of the Venice Biennale, but all this is just a small part of what you can admire. Nothing can compare to the magical atmosphere that this wonderful city can offer.

Make sure you do not miss… a gondola ride!! 



If you have time, the best way is to walk around and enjoy the views that this unique city can offer; a small maze of “calli” (the typical alleys) awaits you with hundreds of small bridges (438) connecting the 124 small islands that make up Venice, which is also divided into “Sestrieri” (the districts of the city).

An excellent public transport service will allow you to easily reach all the areas of the city (the service is active 24 hours a day with night restrictions) or you can go wherever you want fast by taking a picturesque water taxi.